About MMCJ

The Music Masters Course Japan (MMCJ) aims to nurture young musicians from the classical music world.

The two conductors, Naoto Otomo and Alan Gilbert (Music Director of the NY Philharmonic), met at Tanglewood Music Festival for the first time. They both found kindred spirits in each other and agreed with the concept in which young talented musicians from all over the world get together in Japan and have lessons of globally leading musicians. They pledged to each other to materialize this concept, and that was the beginning of MMCJ.

With the support from prominent persons in business, education, and cultural organizations who had endorsed this concept, this annual seminar started as the Music Masters Course in Kazusa (MMCK) in 2001, and it was renamed the Music Masters Course Japan(MMCJ) in 2009. With experiences built in Kazusa (Kisarazu City, Chiba), MMCJ has been held in Yokoahama City as a more elaborated international music seminar since 2011 which was its 11th year.

About a total of 500 young students experienced these seminars so far, and they have been pursuing fruitful music careers as soloists, orchestral musicians, or freelance musicians in all over the world. Young musicians selected through this audition receive lessons from professors who are world-leading musicians of the world, and as the culmination of three-weeks seminar, they all perform chamber music and orchestral concerts.

MMCJ is a full scholarship program for students, covering round-trip transportation expenses including international travel, lodging expenses, and food expenses, and this opportunity is open to anyone in the world.

Audience can enjoy only one-summer, fresh, and high level performance at their concerts played by both competitive students who passed difficult audition and leading-edge professors.