Privacy Policy

Music Masters Course Japan (MMCJ)

This Privacy Policy sets out basic guidelines concerning personal information at MMCJ that apply to any and all personal information that MMCJ collects and uses.

Basic policy

MMCJ handles personal information appropriately and safely in compliance with the “Act on the Protection of Personal information” and other associated laws and regulations in Japan.

Personal information acquisition and purpose of use

MMCJ uses personal information acquired by proper and fair means solely for enterprises of MMCJ operated for public interest purposes, and for purposes incidental thereto.

Management of personal information

MMCJ appropriately manages any personal information that it holds and takes preventative steps so as not to have the same divulged, altered, lost, exposed to unauthorized access or unauthorized use, etc.

Disclosure, correction, etc. of personal information

In the event that MMCJ is requested to perform a disclosure, correction, etc. of personal information by the person to which the same belongs or by his/her representative, it will address such a request in good faith in accordance with provisions of laws and regulations in Japan.

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