Music Masters Course Japan (MMCJ) is a classical music study program open to students from around the world. The brainchild of founders Naoto Otomo and Alan Gilbert, the first study program was held in Kazusa, Japan in 2001. Since 2011, MMCJ has been holding summer courses from late June through mid-July in the historical port city of Yokohama.

Over 500 students have taken the MMCJ course since its inception, many of whom are performing around the world today. The program offers a rare opportunity for students to spend three weeks immersed in music under the guidance of internationally renowned music professors. Students not only get personalized instruction in a friendly, nurturing environment, they also get the chance to perform live on stage with MMCJ professors. Through these close interactions and collaborations, MMCJ effectively connects people and cultures through music.

We urge all aspiring musicians to apply for the MMCJ summer program, and we invite all music lovers to come enjoy our concerts. We expect this year’s event to once again be an exciting and enriching experience.


Naoto Otomo
MMCJ Founding Artistic Director

Welcome to Music Masters Course Japan (MMCJ).

Although classical music was born in Europe, it has become indispensable to people across the world. MMCJ seeks to provide opportunities for students from around the globe to learn from distinguished music professors. These professors hail from many countries and are at the top of the world music scene, offering students a unique opportunity to obtain a broader international perspective both as musicians and as members of their respective societies. MMCJ enriches the musical scope of students as they learn from one another, deepening their understanding through participation in the seminar held here in Yokohama, Japan.

Since its inception in 2001, MMCJ has sought to further cultivate the wonderful world of music. Music is an invaluable element of society. Throughout history humans have continued to hone and develop music in response to the era and environment in which they live. It may be “just music”. However, I believe it is powerful. I also believe that mutual understanding of music and mutual interaction through music can and will contribute to world peace. This is a dream of mine as well as of prominent conductor Mr. Alan Gilbert and all other faculty and staff of MMCJ.

It is my great pleasure to see many former MMCJ students now actively performing around the world. Considering the recent chaos in the world today, I believe that now, more than ever, music has a unique power to bridge cultural differences and unite people.

Alan Gilbert
MMCJ Founding Artistic Director

MMCJ continues to be a project that makes me very proud. Who would have thought, all those years ago, that we would still be bringing talented musicians from around the world together to meet, learn, make music and further cultural understanding?

MMCJ 2018 will be another wonderful moment: a musical event that would not happen were it not for the dedicated group of people who work tirelessly to make it come to life. These are the faculty, students, staff, and, of course, sponsors, who all believe in the promise of MMCJ.

We are facing unprecedented challenges today. Divisions between cultures, religions, countries and peoples of the world are breaking down channels of true communication. More than ever, in these turbulent times, Music has the possibility to remind us of our shared humanity. Let us hope that MMCJ can continue, in its small but sincere way, to contribute to positive steps that will help make the world a better place.


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